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Guangdong custom square vacuum dryer and high efficiency wet mixing granulator installed successfully!

From:Changzhou Suli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.  Time:2018/5/29 16:16:36  Hits:
Keywords: 32 tray square vacuum dryer, 50 type high efficiency wet mixing granulator

Recently, Guangdong Suli tailored to customers 32 square vacuum drier and type 50 efficient wet mixing granulator , high standards have been finished, to reach the customer units! With the efforts of the Suli debugger, this set of equipment has been successfully installed and debugged!

Technical parameters and configuration of square vacuum dryer:
1. Drying box size (mm): 1500×1220×1400; Drying box outer size (mm): 2060×1513×1924 
2. Number of layers of drying rack: 8 layers; 
3 , Bake layer number: 8 layers 
4, the distance between layers: 142mm 
5, the number of baking plates: 32 
6, drying plate size: 460 × 640 × 50mm 
7, the drying rack pressure (MPA): ~ 0.784 
8, box Vacuum degree of empty load: -0.1Mpa 
9、Usage temperature: room temperature~120°C 
10、Drying box weight: 2500Kg 
11. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel inside and outside, supporting 5.5KW polypropylene vacuum unit. 

Technical parameters and configuration of wet mixing granulator : 
1. Equipment type: GHL-50 
2. Volume (L): 50 
3. Yield (kg/batch): 5 to 15 
4. Mixing speed (rpm): 200/ 400 
5, Hybrid power (kw): 4/5.5 
6, cutting speed (rpm): 1500/3000 
7, cutting power (kw): 1.3/1.8 
8, compressed air consumption (m3/min): 1.1 (Air pressure Machine user-owned) 
9. Equipment size: 1650×850×1150mm. 
10. Equipment weight: ~200Kg. 
11. Equipment made of 304 stainless steel inside and outside. 
12. PLC control panel.

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