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Industry information

2018-05-29 | The domestic camp of drying equipment continues to grow, and develop innovation innovation provides momentum.
Keywords: domestic drying equipment camps continue to grow, technological innovations provide development momentum        In recent years, the domestic drying equipment industry has entered an accelerated development stage. With the emergence of more and more small and medium-sized drying equipment manufacturers in the market, the industr…Read Detail>>
2018-05-29 | Spray dryers are favored by the market. Drying companies should intensify innovation
Keywords: spray dryer, drying enterprise, drying equipment            In recent years, drying technology has attracted much attention in the food and other industries. The quality of the drying equipment affects the shelf life and safety of the item. According to relevant statistics, there are currently as many as 500 …Read Detail>>
2016-07-04 | Energy saving and environmental protection is the in-depth research direction of drying equipment
      In recent years, humans have become more aware of the importance of environmental protection and how drying equipment can reduce environmental problems such as the leakage of dust and exhaust gases. This will be the direction for further research in the future.    The domestic drying equipment technology has been continuousl…Read Detail>>
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