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Copper sulfate special dryer

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Introduction:Recently, Suli and Hebei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed a vibrating fluidized bed dryer, drying with copper sulfate materials. Copper sulphate is a white or off-white powder. Its aqueous solution is slightly acidic and blue. Copper sulfate is an important raw material for preparing other copper-containing compounds.

Detailed description

Copper sulfate material description :

Copper sulphate is a white or off-white powder. Its aqueous solution is slightly acidic and blue. Copper sulfate is an important raw material for preparing other copper-containing compounds. Bordeaux mixture can be mixed with lime milk as a fungicide. At the same time, copper sulphate is also the electrolyte when electro-refining copper.

Copper Sulphate Dryer Product Description :

Fluidized bed dryer is the material from the feed inlet into the machine, under the action of vibration force, the material along the horizontal fluidized bed toss, forward continuous movement, hot air up through the fluidized bed with the wet material heat exchange, wet The air is discharged by the exhaust 1:3 after being dusted by the cyclone separator. Dry material is discharged from the discharge inlet. It is suitable for the drying and cooling of powdery and granular materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, minerals and other industries.

Copper sulfate dedicated dryer conditions of use :

  1. The material to be dried has a certain degree of granularity, generally more than 30um and less than 6mm. The particle size is too small to be easily entrained by the air flow, and the particle size is too large to cure. 
     2. If several materials are mixed together for fluidized bed drying, the relative density of several materials is required to be close. Otherwise, particles with a relatively low density are more likely to be entrained by the gas stream than particles with a relatively high density, as well as affecting their dryness. 
   3, materials with high water content and easy to stick into a group, generally not applicable.   
   4. Materials that are easy to form walls and agglomerates are prone to produce equipment lining and blocking phenomenon in vulcanization and drying.   
   5. The material in the bed of the fluidized bed   drying equipment is severely mixed back in the longitudinal direction. For the unipolar continuous drying, due to the non-uniform residence time of the materials in the equipment, the product will be dried out wet and discharged. 
   6, the appearance of the product requirements of the appearance of the material should not be used. For valuable and toxic materials, carefully consider the complete recovery device.


Copper sulfate special dryer advantages :

  1. The fluid and solid particles are fully mixed in the fluidized bed drying equipment, and there are many opportunities for surface rejuvenation, which greatly enhances the heat transfer and mass transfer between the two phases, so the temperature in the bed is relatively uniform. At the same time, it has a very high thermal capacity coefficient (or volumetric heat transfer coefficient) and can generally reach 8000-25000 KJ/(m··h·°C). With a large production capacity, a maximum of several hundred tons of material can be dried per hour. 
     2. Compared with the old box-type drying equipment or rotary drum drying equipment, the fluidized bed drying equipment has the advantages of short material retention time and large drying rate; it is also suitable for drying certain heat-sensitive materials. 
   3, the device is simple, easy to manufacture, easy to maintain, and easy to enlarge the device.   
   4. The residence time of the material in the fluidized bed drying equipment can be adjusted according to the process production requirements. When the water content of the product changes or the moisture content of the raw material fluctuates, it can be properly adjusted.   
   5, in the same device, you can continuously generate operations, but also intermittent operation.

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