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Starch special air dryer dryer

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Introduction:Plasma protein is the most important solid component in plasma, with a content of 60-80g/L, a wide variety of plasma proteins and various functions. Domestic animal protein industry is in a stage of rapid development. Animal protein is widely used in feed production as a feed additive, but it is still at a relatively low level in food applications.

Detailed description

Description of Starch Material:
   Starch is a high polymer of glucose. It is also known as wolfberry powder in the restaurant industry. Its formula is (C6H10O5)n. It is maltose when hydrolyzed to the disaccharide stage. Its chemical formula is (C12H22O11). After complete hydrolysis, glucose is obtained. Chemical formula is (C6H12O6). There are two types of starch, amylose and amylopectin. Starch is a nutrient stored in plants and stored in seeds and tubers. The starch content of various plants is high. 

The role of starch material:
   Starch is first decomposed into maltose by saliva amylase in the human body, and then maltose is decomposed into glucose. Glucose undergoes glycolysis to produce pyruvic acid, pyruvic acid; or starch directly decomposes into glycolytic intermediate glucose-1-P (this part is not fully mixed with saliva). Then produce pyruvate. Pyruvate also binds to enzymes to produce acetyl-CoA. Then enter the citric acid circle. Mr. citric acid. For each glucose consumed in the citric acid circle, 6 NADH and 2 FADH2 (electron carriers) are generated. Then these electrons in the mitochondrial membrane structure generate a large amount of ATP, energy through ATPase. 

Starch special air dryer dryer works:
   air dryer is a large number of drying equipment , it uses the principle of instantaneous drying, the use of rapid movement of hot air, driving wet materials, so that the wet material suspended in hot air, so strengthen Throughout the drying process, the rate of heat and mass transfer is improved. After the air-dried material, non-bonded moisture can be almost completely removed (for example, the moisture content of starch and other materials is less than or equal to 40%, and the finished product can be 13.5%). , And the dried material, will not produce deterioration phenomenon, the output can be significantly improved than the general dryer drying, users can achieve higher economic benefits in the short term. 

   Our company recommends the use of special equipment according to the characteristics of the material: starch special air dryer dryer . Welcome new and old customers to inquire about specific solutions.

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