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Health food raw material mixing special three-dimensional mixer

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Introduction:The SYH-400 three-dimensional motion mixing machine for raw materials for health products blending has a multi-directional movement, so that the materials in the barrel have more cross-mixing points, high mixing effect, uniformity of more than 99.9%, and maximum loading factor. Up to 0.9 (0.4 to 0.6 for ordinary mixers), short mixing time, and high efficiency.

Detailed description

Selenium-enriched food materials :

  Selenium-rich foods are selenium-rich foods, which are generally divided into natural selenium-rich foods (also known as plant-active selenium foods) and selenium-enriched selenium-rich foods (also known as artificial organic selenium foods), such as black yam and black sesame seeds. Black beans, black peanuts, black rice, garlic and other black foods contain selenium.


Plant extract material summary :

  Plant extracts (plant extracts) refer to substances extracted or processed from plants (all or part of plants) using appropriate solvents or methods and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, beauty industry, and other industries.


The characteristics of the three-dimensional mixer for raw material mixing for health products :

  The loaded barrel is driven by the driving shaft to perform the compound movements such as translation, rotation and rolling, which cause the material to move along the barrel in three directions, thereby realizing the mutual flow, diffusion and accumulation of various materials. Doping. To achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.


Health food raw material mixing special three-dimensional mixer adapted materials :

◎The mixing cylinder of the machine moves in multiple directions, the material has no centrifugal force, no segregation of specific gravity and delamination, accumulation phenomenon, each component can have a great weight ratio, and the mixing rate is high. It is an ideal product among various mixers at present.

◎The loading rate of the cylinder is large, up to 90% (only 50% for ordinary mixers), high efficiency and short mixing time.

◎ The barrel is full of circular transitions and is precision polished.

◎ used in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, light industry, electronics, machinery, mining and metallurgy.

◎ Anti-industrial and various scientific research units have high homogeneity and mixing of powdery and granular materials.


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