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Silver powder special vacuum dryer

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Introduction:Through powder granulation, improve fluidity and reduce dust flying. The powder is granulated to improve its dissolution properties. Mixing - granulation - drying is done in one machine. With anti-static filter cloth, equipment operation is safe. Set pressure relief holes, once the explosion, personnel are not injured ...

Detailed description

Description of silver powder material:
     white shiny face-centered cubic structure of metal, soft, ductile, second only to gold, is a good conductor of heat and electricity; not react with water and oxygen in the atmosphere, met with ozone, hydrogen sulfide And sulfur turns black; inert to most acids, quickly dissolves in dilute nitric acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid can corrode the surface, dissolve in molten alkali hydroxide, peroxide base in the presence of air or oxygen And cyanide bases; most silver salts are sensitive to light and insoluble in many acids.

   The use of silver powder materials:
     trace analysis; manufacture of silver salts and alloys; catalysts; reducing agents. 
 Silver special vacuum dryer works:
     Air filtered and heated air into the dryer top of the dispenser, the hot air spiral evenly into the drying chamber. The feed solution is passed through the high-speed centrifugal atomizer at the top of the tower body, and (rotated) is sprayed into very fine mist-like liquid beads, which can be dried in a short time in the cocurrent contact with hot air. The finished product is continuously output from the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is exhausted by the fan.

     Our company recommends the use of special equipment according to the characteristics of the material: a special vacuum dryer for silver powder . Welcome new and old customers to inquire about specific solutions. 

Rotary Vacuum Units:
 1. Luotian Xinpusheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
 2. Zhonghao Chenguang (Sichuan) Institute of Chemical Industry 
 3. Xinjiang Nonferrous Metal Research Institute 
 4. Jiangsu Alpha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
 5. Hangzhou Taineng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. Company 
 6. Shenzhen Defang Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. 
 7. Penglai Qianwei Chemical Co., Ltd. 
 8. Dandong Jiben Chemical Co., Ltd. 
 9. Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
 10. Yulianke Science and Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 
 11. Hubei Hunter New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. 
 12. Shenyang Weiye Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. 
 13. Anhui 
 Tongjia Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. 14. Shandong Orent Wilderness Chemical Co., Ltd. 
 15. Hubei Jingzhou Xinyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 
 16. Anhui Yuan'an Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. 
 17. Lake North America Forestry Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
 18. Luotian Xinpu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
19. Shandong Lukang Sanye Development Co., Ltd.

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